Our story

Coming into the Barossa Valley as you turn off the Sturt Highway at the Greenock exit, the road drops down and you pass briefly through a quiet country village – a pub; a general store, tidy tree lined streets that speak of an earlier time. A short walking distance from the town centre, a stone winery and tasting room signage appears.

It is here visitors have come for over a decade to be seated on a vine covered veranda and be treated to some of the finest wines produced in the Barossa Valley. Following its founding in 2002, it did not take long for Murray Street’s tasting room to establish a reputation as a favourite destination and its wines to be rewarded with five-stars by revered wine critic James Halliday.

The French rightfully point to vineyard soils and climate in explaining the greatness and differentiation of their wines. Murray Street’s Greenock Estate sits in the Barossa Valley’s Western Ridge hosting a tapestry of some of the oldest soils in the world with a reputation for producing the most intensely flavoured grapes among the Barossa Valley’s sub-regions.

Our Estate vineyards host over 300 acres of hillside vines producing outstanding Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache and Mataro grapes. At the top of the hill sits our five peaked Chateau, where grapes are crushed and then fermented in one of 34 open-air, temperature-controlled stainless-steel tanks; thus, beginning the process of making small-batch Barossan artisan wine.

It’s a blessing to make wine here.